Tell Your Story To The World

July 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Tell Your Story To The World


Each and every one of us has a story to tell and it doesn’t matter where you are in life.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the true value of our personal journey and story and often dismiss it with the thought that it wouldn’t be of interest to anyone else and a great way to tell your story is to start a blog.

As a former owner of a staffing/recruiting company, I had to locate hard to find skillsets for some of the world’s leading companies and I also directly marketed talented people to those same companies.

What always caught my attention on a C.V./Resume was a brief synopsis of the person and the value they could add –if it was written well and in some form of a story, then all the better!

We are conditioned to read and listen to stories, from right back in our childhood and that is why in the world of marketing, they are used to deliver very powerful messages.

When I marketed a candidate to a company, I always used a storytelling format because, from my experience, it was the best way to engage the customer  — I did keep these stories short, sweet and made sure they had all of the relevant key points regarding the opportunity, however.

Telling your story to the world may help and inspire others — in today’s connected world you can through a blog, for example, get your story out to the world very quickly and please don’t think it will not be of interest to people, it will!

Telling your story through a blog also puts you in front of people and that gives people and companies the chance to connect with you and open up opportunities.

Finally, there is the possibility that you may become a famous author and have a bestseller!

I am serious with the last point because you never know who might read your story and where it may lead to.

So start a blog and begin!


Last modified: July 28, 2019