Learning The Digital Skills

January 2, 2020 As my friend Fernando Raymond says…”You have to learn the digital skills to pay the bills.” Fernando is a proponent of the true digital and nomadic lifestyle — he...

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Future-proof yourself –invest in the enterprise of you

November 5, 2019 With so much talk about artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to become either totally absorbed and fearful of it or ignore it completely. I am talking about the majority here...

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Recruitment Sales Training – How To Build A High-Performance Sales Team

August 27, 2019 Introduction The formula you need to build the highest performing recruitment sales team is simple: Conduct deep market and candidate research. Predict the needs of the future. Engage your...

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How to become a linchpin at work and be the best employee

July 11, 2019 In his book “linchpin,” Seth Godin defines a linchpin in broad terms as someone who is indispensable to an organization. Godin is a legend in the world of the Internet and...

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