A good coach should simply be able to take you from where you are today to where you want to be.  A mentor is someone who has been ‘in your shoes’ and can understand what you are going through and be able to relate to it.

I am all about reality and functionality – save the ‘hype’ and theories and let’s simply find out what works…and then refine it to as near to perfection as we can!

And I never stop refining.

A good coach is as thirsty for knowledge as you are and will keep refining and never resting – that is why I am completely different to the person I was 10 years ago, not in my core beliefs or practices, but in my refinement of them.

You have to learn to survive in a ‘rough sea’ and when you are immersed into the real or proverbial rough sea, you rapidly get a dose of survival and this is where you trigger your response, which comes from having the mindset to survive in the first place.

Now please don’t think of me as a ‘passive survivalist,’ I simply know from my own experiences that life is going to test you and put you through your paces, so learning to survive, especially in the business world is important – today’s star customer can change their mind tomorrow and your ‘star’ most trusted employee can leave for the most random of reasons and in today’s digital economy, the rules of the game can change overnight.

A good coach will teach you how to survive in any situation, but with the mindset of looking for opportunities, because through opportunity comes success and success is the producer of confidence and confidence produces excellence!

Finally, I am totally independent and not part of any franchise. I also am proud to be a volunteer mentor for Business Wales here in the United Kingdom.


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