Most people come to me with problems — those tough, challenging problems that keep them awake at night and I have had many a sleepless night over the years, so I know exactly how it feels.

But I have survived three recessions and battled through many challenges that would have floored the most seasoned entrepreneur and have come out the other side and actually better for the experience.

Coaching And Mentoring

I work 1 to 1 with entrepreneurs and individuals who want to rapidly grow their businesses and accelerate their careers.

The goal is simple – to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be, in the shortest time frame and without compromising standards.

My coaching sessions start with a free no-obligation introductory call and if we are a good fit for each other, continue with a mixture of calls and face-to-face meetings depending on what is needed and the time frame involved.

You can use me as a “sounding board” to sanity-check your ideas or hire me as a non-executive director, where I will bring my 35-years of international entrepreneurial expertise to your organization and everything else in between.

I am also only a phone call away when it comes to solving the toughest and most challenging problems.

I know only too well that things can go wrong — sometimes very quickly and I will rapidly bring clarity to the situation and provide a rapid solution using my own real-life experiences and my trusted network of business and professional advisors if required.

With so many coaches and “gurus” out there, it is important to find the right coach and I coach from my own entrepreneurial and life experiences, having found out and refined “what works” in the real world.

My Philosophy



Every aspect of a business and also life is interconnected and each aspect must be strengthened, as the chain will always break at the weakest link.

My method combines data analysis and entrepreneurial spirit to drive success as well as solve the most complex and challenging problems.

I always look to “de-construct” and keep things simple and when coaching, to provide honest and straightforward advice and feedback.


I will always provide a clear pricing structure for each service and can work on a fixed cost, day, or hourly rate depending on the need.

I also consider investment and equity positions.

Most importantly, I will never take on a project where I believe I cannot add maximum value.

Business Coaching Services Include:

Research and risk management – deep market and industry analysis to help ensure you are ahead of the competition and working pro-actively; being aware of industry threats, future opportunities and adjusting your business operating model accordingly. This process drives everything.

Message creation/optimization – The right business message drives each and every internal and external activity. Many companies are unable to clearly articulate what they do for their customers and this causes internal “disconnection” between employees and customer confusion. Sales and marketing campaigns without the right message as the core will only waste resources and time. The message is a vital component of your pricing structure.

Creating/optimizing the business model – Each business function and it’s component parts must be seamlessly interconnected. There is no point for example, in hiring salespeople to drive sales, or investing in a new technology platform if your customers are not keeping within your credit terms, you will only create another problem. Each business function is a “business within its own right” and needs to demonstrate both external and internal value. Today’s business models must be lean, agile and efficient with a primary focus on marketing, sales, and cash management.

Monetizing – Your pricing structure must be matched to the value that your customers perceive from your company. Many companies either under or overprice their services and there is little no correlation between the message of the business and the pricing structure. In uncertain and volatile economic times, it is vital to continually review your pricing model and this applies to the most niche and specialized companies. Niche today can easily become a commodity tomorrow.

Metrics – It is vital to track and measure everything – data drives decision-making. You must ensure you have the right tools at your disposal and that information is constantly updated in “real-time.” This goes hand-in-hand with the research and risk part of the process.


Career Coaching Services Include:

Industry research – with the increasing threat of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is vital to look objectively at your industry to understand the threats, opportunities and to measure the overall risk. Many people ignore are fearful of the future without realizing the potential opportunities that will be created and some are totally ignorant of the future.

Career strategy – knowing the right companies that can best utilize, develop and challenge your skills is essential and this process follows the research component. You will often find that there are many opportunities outside of your industry that would love to have your skillsets.

“Master Resume/C.V” creation – This is your “mini life story” and forms the basis of everything you do career-wise. Every person has a story to tell and within that story usually contains a huge amount of untapped and uncovered value. Your “Master Resume/C.V” is then tailored to specific career opportunities.

Building your personal brand – You must build your personal brand right now to stay marketable in the 21st century. Many people are too reliant on outside resources and do not have control of the most important enterprise of all – the “enterprise of you.” Your brand will be critical in allowing the right companies to find your skills and you will also build a powerful network with the right personal branding.

Marketing – You must take control of your brand and that means in how it is represented and sold. Many people use third-party agencies to represent them and coming from the staffing and recruiting sector myself and having recruited for some of the world’s leading corporations, I can teach you how to “stop being a candidate” and to get yourself into the top 20% of the talent pool.

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