“I strongly recommend Neil for his expertise in CVs, careers and exploring intrinsic motivations.

He helped me access different business networks at the point I was enrolling for my Executive MBA. He is hardworking and has a genuine interest in helping others accelerate their careers combined with international business acumen and experience which has enriched my knowledge as a business professional.” 

Marie Lyons-Wake.



“I have known Neil for more than 30 years. We met when he came to my class in Farnham to learn Martial Arts. He was dedicated and tenacious, strong and always a team player. Those attributes seem to have followed him along with many other virtues that one needs to become a successful business entrepreneur.  

In my opinion, Neil is one of the best business and personal coaches that you will ever get to know. His knowledge is vast, having decades of experience behind him. He has helped me many times to navigate me through prospective business ventures or simply to help me make the right decisions. Most of all he has helped me to ask myself the right questions, in business, to make sure that I have the right purpose to succeed.”

Kevin Brewerton

Five-time Martial Arts World Champion, Actor, and Artist



“Working with entrepreneurs whose first challenge to you is ‘get me on the Rich List’ and in every national newspaper is a formidable challenge as a twenty-something PR – but Neil is someone who takes risks and advice in equal measure. 

Without a doubt, his loyalty, vision, and appreciation of great results on both sides of the pond have been a hugely important influence on my career. ” 

Niki Wheeler

PR Guru


“I was lucky to have Neil train me in the first years of my professional career as a recruiter. It was not easy, it involved hard work and commitment. I trusted in his experience and in his vision. It was worth it, thank you, Neil!

Now I am a happy entrepreneur.”

Alejandra Sanchez

Golfo Energy








“Neil’s thinking is disruptive, but not destructive.” 

Mike Walmsley

World’s Leading Recruitment Trainer