An excerpt from a forthcoming book from Jack Spirko, creator of The Survival Podcast based in Fort Worth, Texas:

“When I walked away from Sage Telecom I put out a few feelers and quite a few offers poured in.  One of the better ones was from a gentleman named Neil Franklin.  I soon accepted his offer and another chapter of my life began. 

Neil hired me to be his Director of Marketing Services for one of his companies.  On top of this, we formed another company as partners doing Internet Marketing consulting and even landed Donald Trump as a client.  In fact, we landed Trump one day and formed the actual company the following day.  During three years of working with Neil, I served as a C level officer for two of his companies, built several web platforms, worked with some great talented people and generally had a blast.

I am turning a corner here; Neil never kicked my ass, other than in some martial arts sessions where we kicked each other’s asses, all in good fun of course.  To this day Neil is the most honest man let alone the most honest entrepreneur I have ever known.  He is my friend and brother and will always be. 

Tomorrow if the phone rang and he simply said, “I need you”, I would be at his side as swiftly as time and space would allow.  If my home were being invaded he is the type of guy I would toss a rifle to and know my six was covered from that point on. 

With a partner like that and the financial future, the partnership represented it is hard for many to understand why I eventually left to do my own thing.  Much of it had to do with what I learned from Neil. 

As a man, partner and friend, Neil is beyond fair.  I personally watched him invest his time, money and talent to fix “broken people” because he saw them for who they could be vs. who they were.  This ethic is what has made him a very successful and wealthy man.  He also taught me something I needed to learn. 

Neil controls all of his businesses fully.  He is either “the owner” or the majority holder in everything he does.  He uses his strong personality and leadership to steer the course of any business he is part of. 

As I observed this in Neil I realized that 15 years of life kicking my ass was all about one thing and only one thing.  I firmly believe that had I met Neil at 25 instead of 35 years of age we would have had a lifelong partnership and made each other millions of dollars.  Yet by the time we did meet, my lot had been cast.  

Life had been sending me a message.  It wasn’t a soft or subtle message; it was brutal, honest and direct.  The message was, “take control Jack, do it now and never give even 1% of it back, life is too short to live with anyone else making even one decision for you”.  

The reality is by the time Neil and I met my destiny was written I just hadn’t fully realized it yet.  I didn’t fully understand the part of me that had been awaked back on 9-11 yet.  I didn’t understand many things but working with Neil showed me those components of my own life. 

Neil was my greatest mentor.  I left our partnership because it was the only way to put into practice what he taught me.  I left on some levels so eventually, I could teach many of those things to others.  So let’s begin!”

Jack Spirko

The Survival Podcast, www.thesurvivalpodcast.com