Career Coaching – What Is It? How Does It Work?

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Career Coaching is an excellent way to explore your options in life and discover how to achieve your goals.

It’s also a great way to learn how to improve your skills and prepare yourself for a new career.

But…not all career coaching is created equal and there is a vast difference between chasing down jobs that, on the face of things, suit your career history and skills to date and actually driving your skills to an organization that can best utilize, challenge and develops them.

Too many career coaches focus on developing the perfect resume that can then be tailored to any given position…but fail to recognize that the resume, in effect, is totally dead!

To me, and after nearly forty years in business and entrepreneurship (most of which were spent in the staffing services and recruiting industry) a resume is worthless.

You can only find out about someone when they actually join your organization and back up those fine words they uttered in the interview process.

So I am more about creating a value proposition, that using a resume.

Sure, I like to see the work history, because, in effect, that’s all a resume is, so keep the resume factual to answer the history question and make sure the value proposition is clear, succinct, and relevant!

That is my goal when I offer career coaching.

What Is Career Coaching?


Career Coaching is a process where a coach helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, and find ways to reach your goals.

Take a look at this article from the BBC.

Career Coaching is a process where you work one-on-one with a coach who helps you identify what you want from your career, then works with you to develop strategies to get there.

The goal is to help you find your passion and build a plan to reach your goals.

It sounds simple, but there is another dimension…in my world at least.

You have to be able to communicate your goals and passions to the right audience and that means working at the top of the organization you are targetting and accepting nothing less.

It’s about communicating to those people who can make decisions…about you!

How Does It Work?

Career Coaches work with clients one-on-one, either face-to-face or via phone, email, text, or Zoom.

They help you explore options, set goals, and make decisions.

Career Coaching is a process where you work one-on-one with a professional coach who helps you identify what you want from your career, and then guides you towards achieving those goals.

The process begins with a free consultation, during which you meet with your coach to discuss your current situation and determine if this type of coaching would be helpful for you.

If you decide to move forward, you’ll schedule regular sessions with your coach to help you develop a plan for reaching your goals.

You’ll also receive ongoing support throughout the process.

For me, we will get right down to the heart of the dream job or next position you want and prepare your value proposition accordingly — it’s my job to make it a “no brainer,” and compel the company to hire you, rather than to simply chase a job that has competition and one where you are not dealing with the people who really make the decisions.

Benefits Of Career Coaching


There are several benefits to using a Career Coach.

First, it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on areas where you excel and improve in others.

Second, it gives you the confidence to take charge of your life and pursue your dreams.

Third, it provides support as you navigate through the process of making changes.

Fourth, it helps you develop skills and strategies to achieve success.

Finally, it helps you build relationships with people who will be supportive when you need them.

Career Coaching is a great way to explore your options and find what you want to do next.

But the most important benefit of career coaching with me is that we will uncover your true value proposition, which we can then unleash on the world.

The benefits of career coaching also include learning how to better manage stress, improving your communication skills, and developing confidence.

Career Coaching is a process where you work one-on-one with a coach who helps you identify what you want from your career, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to help you reach your goals.

A career coach can be helpful if you’re looking to change careers, advance at work, or simply figure out what you really want to do with your life.

Steps To Take Now


If you are interested in learning more about how Career Coaching works, please contact me at neiljcfranklin@gmail.com. I would love to help you.

If you want to take advantage of career coaching, there are several steps you should follow.

First, you should find a coach who has the necessary expertise.

You can search online for coaches in your area or ask friends and family members if they know anyone who might be able to help you — I have nearly forty years of business and entrepreneurial expertise, mostly gained in the staffing services and recruiting industry.

I have found jobs and helped the careers of thousands of people across the globe, so you’re in good hands.

Second, you should set up a meeting with your coach.

The first session should last around one hour during which your coach will discuss your current situation and what you hope to accomplish.

Third, you should keep working with your coach after the initial session.

Sessions typically last between three and four months, although some people work with their coaches for much longer than that.

Finally, you should pay attention to your coach’s advice and suggestions.

He or she will likely offer guidance on topics such as job searches, resume writing, networking, and other important aspects of your career.


Career Coaching is an excellent option for those who are seeking a new career path.

A career coach helps people explore options, make decisions, and develop skills needed to achieve their goals.

They also provide support as individuals work through the process of making changes in their lives.

But most importantly…and in my world…I will uncover your very own true value proposition that will differentiate you from your competition.

If you want to find out what kind of job you might be best suited for, career coaching can help you figure out which path to take.

You can get career coaching from a professional coach who has worked with people in similar situations to yours.

Or, if you prefer, you can work one-on-one with a career coach, which is how I like to work.

Either way, you’ll gain valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll be able to develop strategies for improving your skills and preparing yourself for a new career path.

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