Build Your Own Personal Brand

July 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Build Your Own Personal Brand


Now more than ever is the time to build your personal brand and the best way to start the process, in my opinion, is to tell your story to the world through your blog.

I suggest a blog because you won the content (if you set it up in the right way) and that content is kept in one place. By all means, use Social Media and extensively, but remember that you don’t own the platform and the rules of the game can change at any time.

Back to building a personal brand and in today’s world of ever-increasing automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are in danger of failing to recognize the “human factor.”

Outside of technology, I believe Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will drive the human factor and people who have a great sense of self-awareness and EQ will be in hot demand.

You are a company in your own right and the “Enterprise of You” is the greatest company of all and in building your brand online, you are creating a very valuable piece of online “real estate.”

Twenty years ago when the mobile communications world was booming, there was a large group of people who worked as consultants, travelling the world working for the leading companies in the sector and in the early days when there was a much greater shortage of skills, they could literally name their own price, earnings wise.

They were known as “digital nomads” and back then, they had intermediary companies like my own who would go out and market their skills to the organizations who needed them.

Today, companies are becoming less reliant on intermediaries and can simply search online for skills at their convenience and this is where having a strong personal brand will put you ahead of the pack.

This is just one example of course, but as the world becomes more and more connected, branding will become more important.

Take the first step and start a blog, tell your story to the world and build your brand!


Last modified: August 28, 2019